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It’s in the name really; your humans are your resources.

Not that they’re ‘your’ humans, of course. Or anything so demeaning as just ‘resources’. But you get our meaning. Your team are probably the most important part of your business, and managing them well is fairly key to keeping everything running smoothly.

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Employee HR Software

Centralised Availability

How many times have you finished the perfect schedule (efficient, cost-effective, shiny) only to find out that someone isn’t available and you hadn’t been told?

Makes you feel a little bit sick just thinking about it, doesn’t it? That’s why Shiftie allows you to manage leave, availability, and sickness logs all in the same system as your schedule. Trying to schedule someone to work the opening shift next Saturday? Tough. They’ve already booked it off and the system is suggesting other employees who could work instead. Handy, that.

Convenient Data Access

There’s a certain something to be said for controlled chaos, of course. Being the only one who knows where to look to find an employee’s pay rates or contact details lets you feel a bit like a magician, if only for a moment.

It’s less useful when you’re away and someone else needs that info, though. Or, even worse, if you yourself can’t remember where it’s stored.

Far be it from us to steal your thunder, but we think that every now and again it can be helpful to have all of the info relating to an employee – employment record, shifts, availability, pay rates, sickness, training, qualifications, contact details, you name it – saved in one place, accessible to authorised users at a single click. Boring? Yes. Useful? Very.

Secure Employee Info

You can end up with a lot of information on your employees; name, address, pay rate, emergency contact details, cat’s birth date, favourite socks… All the usual stuff.

Having somewhere safe to store all that data is essential (and no, we don’t mean a notepad with ‘Keep Out’ written on the front). Luckily, we have just the place. With dedicated areas for storing a wide variety of info relating to each employee you can rest easy knowing that only you and your employee can access their personal data.

Manage Leave

IManaging employee holidays and availability can be an absolute nightmare. Is June’s 50th birthday party more or less important than Angelica’s sister’s wedding? And how does Paulo’s graduation fit in?

We can’t answer those questions for you, but we can at least give you a nice, straightforward interface to manage the different requests as they come in. Add leave, approve or reject requests, and change dates as needed to make sure that your team take enough breaks while you keep staffing numbers at the right level.

Employee Scheduling Software

Industries Served

To be honest, if you’re in any industry which relies on shift workers then we’re more than happy to help!

We’ve listed a few of the main business types which we currently cater to, but if you aren’t represented please feel free to sign up so that we can add you too.

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