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August 2023

GPS Restriction on Clock Out

Any location restrictions you’ve set for clocking in will now apply when your team clock out, too. This helps to prevent employees from clocking out when they’ve already left the site.

Day View Improvements

We’ve updated Day View to make it easier to see what’s going on at a glance. Job role colours now pull through, we’ve added an indicator when viewing ‘today’ to show what time it is currently, and the interface as a whole has been streamlined to make it clearer.

Download Day View CSV

You’re now able to download the day view as a CSV to serve as a backup for emergencies.

Time Zone Detection

If you have team members who work in different timezones from the one you’ve set against your Shiftie account then they’ll be shown the company timezone next to the time clock.

Break Start Time on Time Clock

When viewing the time clock overview you’ll now be able to see when your team members went on break, and how long they’re expected to be gone for.

June 2023

Automatic Timesheet Approvals

You can now set timesheets to automatically be approved if they meet your specifications, saving valuable admin time.

Schedule Caching

The system will now remember the day or week you’ve been viewing in the schedule, so if you navigate away and come back it will default to what you were looking at. You can still click the ‘Today’ button to return to the current week, as well.

Colour-Coded Printable Schedule

Job role colour coding will now show when you print your schedule, as well as on the online version.

Time Clock Overrides

Managers can clock employees in and out of their scheduled shifts from the time clock page, making it easier to keep timesheets up to date.

May 2023

Colour-Coded Job Roles

Job roles now have assigned colours, making it easier than ever to spot them on the schedule. You can update the colours for each job role in your settings, giving you hours of fun getting your colour combinations just right.

Updated DigiTickets Integration

Our DigiTickets integration has had an upgrade; events and sessions will now show on the schedule for each day, letting you really dig into your visitor numbers to make sure you’ve got the right number of staff onsite at every point during the day.

Sort Day View by Start Time

List shifts in order of when they start during the day, making it easier to check that you’ve got enough coverage at all times.

Timeclock Improvements

View and clock in for upcoming shifts, log unscheduled shifts, and record breaks and end times using the simplified time tracking interface.

Hourly Leave

Add, book, and manage leave in hours as well as days, allowing you to tailor leave allowances to individual employees.

Team Messages

Send emails to your entire team or specific groups, locations, or employees straight from your Shiftie account.

April 2023

Hide Shift Tags from Employees

Set up secret shift tags that only your management team can see, for more efficient scheduling.

March 2023

Change Email for Pending Accounts

Amend the email address assigned to pending employees and re-send their invites.

Disable Open Shifts

Don’t want to use open shifts? Not a problem; you can now disable them, freeing up space on your schedule to view your rota.

Enhanced Break Logging

Mark breaks as paid or unpaid, making it easier to keep track of what everyone’s worked and how much they should be paid.

February 2023

Shift Swapping

Allow your team to swap their shifts with eligible colleagues, improving their working experience and reducing your admin burden! You can choose whether shift swaps just need to be agreed between employees, or if they need to be approved by a manager.

Schedule Conflicts

See any conflicts clearly highlighted on your schedule, making it easier to spot and resolve any issues.

January 2023

Team Bulk Actions

Assign items to employees en masse, including locations, job roles, and line manager.

Delete Past Shifts

Easily get rid of shifts from the past that no one clocked in for, tidying up your schedule and clearing out any irrelevant records.

Save Shift Templates

Quickly create a new shift template when adding a custom shift, saving you from having to create from scratch each time.

December 2022

Intelligent Auto-Assign

Available employees are now ordered by how much time they have left by default, letting you easily assign shifts to the team member who’s furthest from their target hours for the week.

Schedule Speed Improvements

We’ve made a few changes behind the scenes to improve the speed of the schedule and make it easier to use.

Team Page Updates

The team page now acts as a directory for users without management permissions; they can view other team members to check who’s who and find core information like job role and department.

November 2022

Filter By Group

You can now filter the schedule by group, making it even easier to track what’s happening in each part of your business.

Duplicate Unassigned Shifts

We’ve added the ability to duplicate any unassigned shifts, allowing you to bulk-create before assigning. Simply click on the shift you want to copy, select the ‘Duplicate Shift’ option, and choose how many duplicates you want to create.

Open Shifts

Introducing open shifts! Open shifts let you create your rota without assigning the shifts, and then send them out to your team so that they can choose which they want to work. You can choose whether the shifts are assigned on a first-come, first-served basis, or if the applicants should go into a shortlist for you to assign from.

October 2022

Schedule Filter Breadcrumbs

We’ve updated the schedule so that the filters you’ve selected display at the top of the screen, allowing you to remove or refer back to them without having to open the filter menu.

Schedule Header Improvements

The schedule header layout has been updated, making it easier than ever to find the filters, tools, and schedule views you need to create the perfect rota.

Adding Employees

We’ve made adding employees faster, just asking for the essential info so that you can focus on getting them added to your rota.

Team Updates

The Team section has had a makeover, with employee leave, sickness, and document overviews all now accessible in one easy-to-user interface.

September 2022

Email-less Employees

Set users up without an email address. This is particularly helpful when you don’t yet know an employee’s email or if you have users who are allergic to technology.

Open Ended Shifts

Hide shift end times from employees to avoid setting unrealistic expectations, then manage end times on the day based on actual workload.

Navigation Update

We’ve improved the key navigation, making it easier to access your personal profile and key tools. You’ll now find your profile, settings, notifications, and help icon in the bottom left of your screen on desktop and within the person icon in the top left on mobile.

Schedule Printing

Print a copy of the schedule so that your team can refer to a physical version and you can annotate it to your heart’s content.

August 2022

Schedule Templates

Save a snapshot of your rota, including what shifts are scheduled and who’s working, and apply it to future dates to make scheduling easier.

Updated Unavailability Management

We’ve improved our unavailability module so that it’s easier than ever to manage when users are able to work. The updated functionality allows you to see a clear list of availability within your profile, making it more intuitive to keep track of and adjust, as well as displaying it in calendar format on the main schedule.

Target Weekly Hours

The schedule now shows the number of hours each employee has assigned for the week, as well as highlighting in green if they have the optimal number of hours and in red if they’ve exceeded that.

June 2022

Schedule v2

It’s here! Our new schedule is bigger, better, and more intuitive, with enhanced functionality to make managing your team easier than ever before. We’ve listened to your feedback and have incorporated several in-demand features.

Searching by user on the schedule
You’re now able to search for an individual within the schedule to see their shifts and unavailability for the selected day or week.

Grouping employees
Our new grouping functionality allows you to create groups and assign employees to them, making it easier to keep track of the schedule for different teams.

Shift acknowledgement
You can now require your employees to confirm that they’ve seen their shifts. Use the schedule to check the acknowledgement status and make sure that your team know when they’re working.

Sound good? Check out the full details on our blog.

May 2022

Calendar Feed

Our new calendar feed feature allows you to pull your shifts through onto your personal calendar, making it easier than ever to keep track of when you’re working.

SMS Notifications

We’ve introduced text messages alongside email and push notifications to give you even more ways to receive alerts. You can enable SMS messaging for your company and then let your team choose which channels they want to use to receive different notifications.

Grouped Shift Notifications

We’ve enhanced our shift notifications so that when shifts are bulk published employees will receive a single alert letting them know about all their new shifts at once.

Automatic Clock-Out

Introducing automatic clock-out; you can now set a pre-defined time for employees to be clocked out after their shift has ended rather than relying on them to remember to do it manually.

April 2022

Additional Timesheet Ranges

We’ve introduced the ability to view and export your timesheets by fortnight as well as by month or week.

Default Job Roles

You can now set a default for users with multiple job roles. This means that you’ll be able to assign shifts that don’t have a defined job, safe in the knowledge that they’ll default to the employee’s primary role.

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