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August 2022

Updated Unavailability Management

We’ve improved our unavailability module so that it’s easier than ever to manage when users are able to work. The updated functionality allows you to see a clear list of availability within your profile, making it more intuitive to keep track of and adjust, as well as displaying it in calendar format on the main schedule.

Target Weekly Hours

The schedule now shows the number of hours each employee has assigned for the week, as well as highlighting in green when they have the optimal number of hours and in red if they’ve exceeded that.

June 2022

Schedule v2

It’s here! Our new schedule is bigger, better, and more intuitive, with enhanced functionality to make managing your team easier than ever before. We’ve listened to your feedback and have incorporated several in-demand features.

Searching by user on the schedule
You’re now able to search for an individual within the schedule to see their shifts and unavailability for the selected day or week.

Grouping employees
Our new grouping functionality allows you to create groups and assign employees to them, making it easier to keep track of the schedule for different teams.

Shift acknowledgement
You can now require your employees to confirm that they’ve seen their shifts. Use the schedule to check the acknowledgement status and make sure that your team know when they’re working.

Sound good? Check out the full details on our blog.

May 2022

Calendar Feed

Our new calendar feed feature allows you to pull your shifts through onto your personal calendar, making it easier than ever to keep track of when you’re working.

SMS Notifications

We’ve introduced text messages alongside email and push notifications to give you even more ways to receive alerts. You can enable SMS messaging for your company and then let your team choose which channels they want to use to receive different notifications.

Grouped Shift Notifications

We’ve enhanced our shift notifications so that when shifts are bulk published employees will receive a single alert letting them know about all their new shifts at once.

Automatic Clock-Out

Introducing automatic clock-out; you can now set a pre-defined time for employees to be clocked out after their shift has ended rather than relying on them to remember to do it manually.

April 2022

Additional Timesheet Ranges

We’ve introduced the ability to view and export your timesheets by fortnight as well as by month or week.

Default Job Roles

You can now set a default for users with multiple job roles. This means that you’ll be able to assign shifts that don’t have a defined job, safe in the knowledge that they’ll default to the employee’s primary role.

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