Employee Time TrackingTime Clock

Okay, admittedly we don't physically punch in and out with cards anymore.

That said, it’s more important than ever to be able to keep track of which employees have turned up, which are running late, and which decided that staying in bed sounded better than showing up to their shift. (Admit it, you’ve considered it).

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Data At A Glance

They say that any plan only lasts until first contact with the enemy, and unfortunately the same is true of scheduling.

Sure, your shift plan is immaculate – you created it, after all – but if everyone else doesn’t follow it to the letter you’re still going to have to do some quick thinking to keep everything from going to pieces. Luckily, the timeclock module puts the information you need right at your fingertips to help you to do just that.

Alerts to warn you if employees are late or have called in sick? Check. At-a-glance reporting on how many employees are currently on-site? Check. Systems to only allow employees to clock in once they’ve actually arrived? Check. (You can’t argue with three checks. We’ve checked.)

Easy Employee Interface

How many times have you been told that an employee simply couldn’t clock in on time because the system was just too complicated? Or the sign in point was so far away and they were busy working? Or they forgot?

Any reason actually, so long as it doesn’t suggest that they were late. Never that. Wouldn’t it be nice if the clock in process was on their phone or a nearby computer instead, with alerts set to remind them to clock in and out so that they didn’t have an excuse? Straightforward, intuitive, quick. Especially if you could check their status on your phone while on the go.

Well, Shiftie does all of that. Conveniently.

Pattern Analysis

Who hasn’t dreamt of being a secret agent, piecing together seemingly unimportant bits of information to find the truth? No? Just us?

Well, it doesn’t matter anyway, because Shiftie does the work for you. Want to check if it’s always the same employees who are late, or if they’re only late on certain days, or if they fail to show up to work on every third Tuesday, regular as clockwork? Hoping to work out how much overtime is being worked, and who’s working it? Shiftie has already found out and has presented it for you. Boring, right?

Payroll Info

Guessing which employees are on-site is bad, but guessing who you need to pay, not to mention how much to pay them, is far, far worse.

That way lies madness, staff resentment, and costly lawsuits. And then some more madness, just for good measure. Instead, we recommend finding a good looking, witty, and intelligent system which manages timesheets in real-time, tracks employee breaks, allows supervisor override when needed, and delivers it all up in one handy report all ready for you to export for your payroll software.

Oh hang on, that’s us, isn’t it?

Employee Scheduling Software

Industries Served

To be honest, if you’re in any industry which relies on shift workers then we’re more than happy to help!

We’ve listed a few of the main business types which we currently cater to, but if you aren’t represented please feel free to sign up so that we can add you too.

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