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Ah, the schedule. A fairly important feature for shift-scheduling software.

Built as an answer to years of painful scheduling, convoluted spreadsheets, and tear-stained rotas, our scheduler makes managing who’s working that bit more bearable.

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Scheduling Software

Planning & Templating Tools

Planning shifts can be an art form, but trying to do it without the tools to help you can end up being more like the glitter, glue, and macaroni catastrophes you made when you were 4.

Not pretty. Luckily, our scheduler has the features you’ll need to plan shifts without pulling your hair out or glueing your fingers together. The ability to create templates for regularly occurring shifts, to see an overview of employee availability, and to check the cost per employee for shifts can help to make planning straightforward. Thank goodness.

Straightforward Shift Creation

Of course, even when you’ve planned your schedule perfectly it can all fall apart if you can’t communicate it to your team.

Having fifty-two individually colour coded sticky notes stuck to a notice board might seem like the obvious solution but it’s likely that the only person it truly makes sense to is you. That probably means that you need an easier way to create and publish shifts.

Being able to create multiple shifts at once or to easily copy previous weeks is a must, of course. So is having the option to either assign shifts to employees or to leave them empty for you to revisit later. For that matter, you’ll probably want to be able to publish certain shifts as you create them while holding others back to bulk-publish together at a specific time. Good news – we can do all of that.

Easy Editing

It’s one of the unbreakable rules of the universe that as soon as your schedule is just right someone will ask you to change it.

Perhaps three coach loads of tourists are suddenly planning on visiting at the same time. Maybe an employee forgot to mention that they’ve booked a six-month backpacking tour around the world, which (by the way) starts tomorrow. Either way, your perfect schedule is abruptly somewhat less than perfect. Even if employees just want to swap shifts it’s essential that you’re able to edit your schedule at short notice.

Fortunately (and unsurprisingly, considering we brought it up) we’ve thought of that too. With the ability to drag shifts to different dates and times, change when they start and end, and reassign them entirely from any device with an internet connection, we’ve got you covered.

Flexible Data Presentation

If, like us, when you hear the phrase ‘one size fits all’ you immediately find yourself remembering your old school jumper – which simultaneously managed to be too short and too big and most definitely did not fit – then you’ll be relieved to hear that we haven’t tried to apply the same logic here.

On the contrary, we’ve yet to find two different schedules which work in quite the same way which is why we’ve made sure to fill Shiftie with lots of different options for viewing your data. Need an in-depth view of the shifts for a particular day? You’ve got it. Prefer an overview of the entire month? No problem. Want to switch between viewing shifts assigned to individual employees and those set up for particular jobs? You can do that and so much more.

Employee Scheduling Software

Industries Served

To be honest, if you’re in any industry which relies on shift workers then we’re more than happy to help!

We’ve listed a few of the main business types which we currently cater to, but if you aren’t represented please feel free to sign up so that we can add you too.

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