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Managing a holiday park is tricky enough without having to guess what duties each team member ought to be carrying out.

Luckily, we can help with that.

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Schedule duplication

Seamless shift communication

Overtime monitoring

Holiday & sickness tracking

Shift templates

Real-time attendance tracking

HR management tools

Automated timesheets

Bulk shift assignment

Predicted staffing costs

Cloud-based access

Drag and drop scheduling

Flexible calendar view

Integrated weather forecast

Easy payroll export

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Holiday Park Scheduling Software

Sure, holiday parks look like they’re all fun and games. Seaside breaks, countryside rambles, lazy summer days... We know how much work goes on behind the scenes, though.

Let Shiftie help to shoulder the load, keeping track of employees in different departments, managing availability, allowing you to set up automatic schedules to dramatically cut admin time, and handling HR while you focus on giving your customers a fantastic holiday – and the hundred and one other things on your list!

We’re committed to providing cloud-based shift scheduling and HR software that is genuinely focused on the user experience, both for you and for your employees. With a more straightforward and intuitive interface than the average scheduling software and considerably more features and automation than a spreadsheet or - perish the thought - a handwritten rota, we like to think that we can make your life a lot easier. Saving you hours of work every month, not to mention untold headaches, is a bit of a bonus too, as is the money you can save by making sure that you never have more staff on site than you need. Sound good to you? We hoped it might.

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