5 New Year’s Resolution Suggestions

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5 New Year’s Resolution Suggestions

So, new year, new you, right? But what should the new you be like? We have a few suggestions…

Take up running

Taking up running as a new year’s resolution is a time-honoured tradition, and well worth considering. The days are (allegedly) getting longer and it can’t really be as cold outside as it feels. Besides, we’re all guilty of overindulging over Christmas on occasion, so it’s a good excuse to boost your fitness, right?

Of course, even with longer days it’s still dark after work, and before work, and sometimes during work. Not to mention it’s probably raining, if there aren’t gale-force winds. Plus, we’ve heard that running is terrible for your knees. Might be safer not to.

Grow your own vegetables

Starting your own veg patch, whether in your garden or at an allotment, is a great way to find hours of fun, from choosing what to plant and digging over the patch to harvesting your very own homegrown veg. And just think of all the photo opportunities!

It’s hardly any work, too; you just need to decide now what you want to grow, buy the seeds, dig Every. Single. Stone. out of your plot, plant at the right time of year, hope there’s no late frost, remember to water them, try not to overwater them, wonder why half of them have died despite you doing everything perfectly, hope there’s no early frost, harvest them at the right time, and then, if you’re lucky enough to have grown viable veg, wonder what you’re actually going to do with 10 kilos of carrots, which you could have bought for less than £5. Not that we’re bitter.

Start cycling to work

With constant warnings about global warming, not to mention the rising cost of fuel, cycling to work might just be the perfect new year’s resolution. It’s a great way to wake yourself up at the beginning of the day and to relax on your way home, it keeps you fit, and it goes toward saving the environment. Winner!

So go on, go dust off your old bike and hope that you don’t need new tyres, a new seat, a new chain, new lights, a new helmet, or, indeed, a new bike.

Get organised for Christmas

There’s no one more irritating than people who are already prepared for Christmas by the beginning of November, and this year you’re going to be one of them. Sure, twelfth night hasn’t even passed but it’s never too early to start preparing. Hit the January sales! Start making lists of present ideas! Get a head start on writing Christmas cards! With just a little forward planning you can change the run-up to Christmas from a stressful fog of last-minute purchases to a serene month of swanning around being smug.

Yeah, never mind, there’s no way that’s going to happen.

Update your scheduling solution

Okay, that was exhausting. Maybe it’s safer to just resolve to revamp your scheduling solution instead? Moving to online scheduling allows you to gather unavailability, sickness, and planned shifts all in one place, easily communicating your rotas to your team via the cloud as well as allowing you to track clock-ins and automatically generate timesheets rather than having to do them manually.

Finally, an achievable resolution.

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