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We’re a close-knit, handpicked team doing work that we believe in and having fun while we do it. With bucketloads of experience and a love of creating systems which stand the test of time, we aim to make your life easier, shift by shift.

Employee Scheduling Software

Born out of a partnership between Website Vision, an existing software solutions company, and Tulleys Shocktober Fest, the leading Halloween scare attraction in the UK and beyond, at first glance we’re perhaps an odd group to be building a shift scheduling system.

We’re bound firmly together though, both through a profound frustration at software which is too complicated to actually use and through our (frankly, somewhat dubious) shared sense of humour.

The Schedulers

When the team at Tulleys first realised that their local pumpkin festival had become something considerably more they started to look for a suitable shift management solution… And kept looking. More than 10 years on they still hadn’t been able to find a solution which had core functionality while being easy to use, and with the festival having grown into a nationally recognised award-winning scream park with too many shift workers to count or keep track of the situation was beginning to be dire.

We realised that there was a real need for a reliable and straightforward scheduling solution

The Developers

Meanwhile, the Website Vision team were continuing to go from strength to strength with successful software creations

The team built DigiTickets, now one of the leading ticketing solutions in the UK, in 2010 and over the next 9 years created a series of other successful products, ranging from property management and holiday booking systems to murder mystery and indoor ski software.

By the beginning of 2019 they were starting to explore options for a new SaaS venture though, and as luck would have it, it was about then that the two companies met for a drink.

With the Tulleys’ team’s shift scheduling experience and Website Vision’s software skills, we could build a new, user-friendly shift management system

The Solution

Tulleys and Website Vision had already worked together for over a decade, with Tulleys being one of the first businesses to sign up to DigiTickets as well as having over a dozen different websites created and maintained by the Website Vision team.

Celebrating and sharing stories from the worlds of seasonal events and software after a successful awards evening, the topic soon turned to shift scheduling. Specifically, problems with existing solutions and the difficulties in finding software that everyone was happy with. Several drinks, some quick brand identity planning, and a few notes jotted on a napkin, and an idea began to take shape.

The hangovers passed; the idea didn’t. The more market research we did, the more apparent it became that there was a real need for a straightforward, user-friendly, and reliable scheduling solution. Bringing a unique combination of software creation and event management experience to the table, it was clear that we were well placed to solve scheduling headaches, not just for Tulleys, but for the wider market too.

And so, just like that, Shiftie was born.

A handpicked, passionate and experienced team? You bet. A painstakingly crafted product? Of course. An unhealthy obsession with delivering the best shift scheduling & HR solution we can imagine? What else?

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