Intelligent scheduling

Running an attraction? Our ready-made integration with DigiTickets lets you view your pre-booked visitor numbers right in your schedule, helping you to make informed staffing decisions. Say goodbye to the days of over or understaffing and hello to a better customer experience.

DigiTickets has been providing ticketing and EPOS solutions to a wide range of clients since records began (assuming the records began in 2010). With excellent client support, knowledgeable account managers, and customer-friendly software, they work with clients to optimise ticket sales and provide a streamlined booking process for customers. They’re a great choice if you’re looking to boost ticket sales and streamline revenue.

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Calendar feeds

Calendar feeds

Looking to view your shifts in your personal calendar? Not a problem; Shiftie allows you to automatically export your rota to help you to keep track of where you're supposed to be and when you're meant to be there.

DIY integrations

Have something else in mind? Shiftie has been built following an API-first approach with clear documentation and examples, allowing you to build your own integrations as needed. Get in touch to let us know what you're planning and to arrange access.

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Companies using Shiftie to schedule their teams

Hear from our customers

" We transitioned to Shiftie in 2023. It has been very popular amongst our team, with its easy to use features and accessibility.This has made scheduling staff a lot easier, with a lot of beneficial features. Uploading shifts is simple, and our team can clearly see when they have been assigned shifts. "
Chris Wilson
Chris Wilson
" Giving out shifts and finding cover is a much faster process, as I'm no longer looking through spreadsheets trying to find out who is available and if they are actually able to do the rolls that I need them to cover. The whole thing is much easier to see and that makes the process of rostering quicker, cleaner and with less errors. "
Kelly Sweeney
Kelly Sweeney
Otago Museum
" Shiftie has allowed us to efficiently plan our staff rotas well in advance and stay on top of all things staff concerned during our busiest time of the year. It has provided us with great stability and allowed staff members to understand their shifts, jobs and roles with more ease than ever before. Shiftie have been great at listening to our feedback and building new features to suit us and countless other companies. "
Charlie Hine
Town Farm Camping