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After all, what’s the point in fancy features if they're too complicated to actually use?

Each of the features you’ll find in Shiftie has been tried, tested, and perfected before being added to the system, and we like to think that that shines through when you use them.

Scheduling Software

Employee Scheduling Software


Do you dream of kicking back at your desk, sipping on a Piña Colada and laughing about the days when you had to update the staff rota manually in a spreadsheet?

Workplace alcohol rules permitting, this could soon be your reality thanks to Shiftie’s straightforward scheduler. Create your rota then copy it with a click instead of having to set each week up manually. You’ll be able to make any changes quickly as requested and in the unlikely event that employees are drafted for an unscheduled shift at the last minute you can allow them to clock-in and create a time entry without you having to waste time creating a new shift for them.

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Employee Scheduling Software

Employee Time Tracking

Time Clock

Effortlessly keep track of staff arrival and departure times to make sure that you always have the right team size on site.

Employees can quickly clock in and out on any device with an internet connection, making their days easier, while managers can see an overview of who’s on site at any one time. What more could you ask for?

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Employee Time Tracking

Employee HR Software

Your Team

Every manager’s dream (probably): Store shift rotas and employee details all in one place.

No more switching between systems to double-check leave requests and sickness logs, or to update job roles; Shiftie lets you manage everything in one go wherever you are, reducing admin time and freeing you up to do more interesting things - like managing your own holiday.

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Employee HR Software

Planned Leave Management


Managing employee availability shouldn't leave you needing a holiday to recover.

Instead, allow your team to make leave requests for you to review. Cross-check new requests against existing leave and control each team member's annual allowance to make sure that leave is being granted fairly and that you always have enough employees available.

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Planned Leave Management

Sickness Management


Easily create sickness records, even through the mother of all hangovers (oops).

With the ability to record employee sick leave yourself or to get your team to log their own illnesses, managing sickness has never been so easy. With automated alerts and all the information you need at your fingertips you can make informed decisions about covering shifts while your employee recovers.

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Sickness Management

Packed with features

Schedule duplication

Seamless shift communication

Overtime monitoring

Holiday & sickness tracking

Shift templates

Real-time attendance tracking

HR management tools

Automated timesheets

Bulk shift assignment

Predicted staffing costs

Cloud-based access

Drag and drop scheduling

Flexible calendar view

Integrated weather forecast

Easy payroll export

Industries Served

To be honest, if you’re in any industry which relies on shift workers then we’re more than happy to help!

We’ve listed a few of the main business types which we currently cater to, but if you aren’t represented please feel free to sign up so that we can add you too.

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