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Sure, you may be an expert in solving puzzles, cracking codes, and analysing data, but that doesn't mean you don't run screaming when it's time to create a comprehensive shift schedule armed only with a spreadsheet and your wits.

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Scheduling Software
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"Shiftie has been a game-changer for us. Having tried other scheduling software with limited success, we started using Shiftie and saw immediate benefits from both a management and team perspective."

Stuart Beare - Tulleys Escape Rooms & Games

Packed with features

Schedule duplication

Seamless shift communication

Overtime monitoring

Holiday & sickness tracking

Shift templates

Real-time attendance tracking

HR management tools

Automated timesheets

Bulk shift assignment

Predicted staffing costs

Cloud-based access

Drag and drop scheduling

Flexible calendar view

Integrated weather forecast

Easy payroll export

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Escape Room Scheduling Software

If you’re more interested in creating puzzles for customers to solve than in having to tackle one yourself every time the schedule needs updating then we can sympathise.

Creating a workable schedule can be a full-on mental workout at times. Especially when you need to factor in availability, varying shift costs, and different job roles. Luckily, (and perhaps unsurprisingly) we can help with that. Record your employees’ salaries and job levels in one centralised place, allow your team to log their own leave and unavailability, and sit back as we show you which employees are available for a shift, and how much each shift will cost. Not as interesting as breaking into a bank vault or uncovering a spy plot, admittedly, but a whole lot easier.

Born as a result of shift scheduling frustrations at Tulleys Farm and Escape Rooms, Shiftie was created to answer the difficulties that the Tulleys team were facing, building a system with an intuitive interface, extensive functionality, and none of the legacy problems challenging alternative solutions. With straightforward scheduling, team management, time clock and timesheets, and availability and sickness tracking it’s designed to make shift management faster, saving you hours of work every month, not to mention untold headaches.

Sound good to you? We hoped it might.

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  • 28-day free trial
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